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Meridian-Therapy and Planetary-Teachings Meridian-Therapy and Planetary-Teachings

first published in the magazine "Paracelsus" august 2006 (side 12-15)

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Meridian-Therapy and Planetary-Teachings
Energetic Vibrancy Phenomena in the System of Meridians and Novel Methods of Regulation.

According to Biederstaedt, the secret of success of the “Meridian-Energy-Therapy” is a gentle “acupuncture” that works with special essences and a subsequent energetically and individually balanced form of massage. It regulates the human system of meridians and therefore can successfully treat many different diseases from chronic pain to emotional problems, with the help of “the planets”.

By Ulrich Arndt

“The heart represents the Sun. Likewise the Moon is comparable with the brain and vice versa. The spleen has the same course as Saturn. The gall corresponds to Mars and the kidneys have the manner of Venus. Mercury is a planet resembling the lungs. And Jupiter resembles the planet of the liver,” said Paracelsus (coll. works, vol. I/40). The well-known medico and alchemist of the later Middle Ages was convinced that the organism quasi holds the “seven planets”, which correlate “in their spiritual course” to those which are in the firmament. According to Paracelsus diseases can emerge from disturbances in their natural “course”, namely “in case they are mistaken and go astray into a wrong course, for instance the course of spleen into the course of gall” (ibid. 41). In particular, chronic diseases can emerge from such disturbances of the “inner firmament”. Did Paracelsus depict only a poetical allegory? Was it astrological wishful thinking or is there more behind it?
A novel method of therapy confirms in a surprising way that these planetary correlations to the organs are more than only a phantasy: the “Meridian-Energy-Therapy” is a special form of gentle “Pain-physiotherapy”, massage and energy therapy (abbr. “METh”). In fact, it regulates blockages and disharmony “with the power of Sun, Moon, and all the planets” inside the system of the acupuncture meridians. However, it does so in the form of special essences from metal, plants and gems. For since time immemorial, certain metals, gems or plants have been assigned to the planets.
Karl-Heinz Biederstaedt, massage and meridian therapist and the founder of “METh”, has now discovered that the functional circuits of meridians can be treated with “planetary energy” instead of acupuncture needles or Moxa-thermo-therapy. It is astonishing to see that in “Meridian-Energy-Therapy”, due to specific individual testing, it is sufficient to apply the corresponding “essence of planets” in just one to two places on the meridian; the blockage disappears! If this procedure is repeated at intervals of one to four weeks, it is possible to considerably improve longsome ailments and chronic issues or even to be completely healed.
It is equally astounding that the corresponding relations of the “organ meridians” to the planets discovered by Biederstaedt coincide with the assignments originally described by Paracelsus. Thus, regarding the meridian pair kidney-bladder for instance, copper essence (a metal corresponding to Venus) is used and the meridian functional circuit of the heart-small intestine is harmonised by the metal of the Sun, gold essence.
The great advantage of this form of meridian harmonisation compared to classical methods is as follows: During the application of the essence, it is not necessary to distinguish whether the acupuncture meridian is blocked or energetically empty, or whether energy has to be applied or deduced. Neither is the time of day of the application according to the inner circadian rhythm of primary importance, or how the meridians are influenced by each other. Instead, a simple manual testing method, the so-called connective tissue test, helps to determine the very individual essence that leads the organism to the path of healing – with astounding success.

From Backpain to Allergies

“Since January 2004 I could no longer work in my profession as a fire fighter and emergency medical technician because my back did not play along,” Uwe W. reported. Neither physiotherapy nor an operation of the spinal column brought about permanent abatement. Finally, the 53 year old man went to Karl-Heinz Biederstaedt on recommendation by his family doctor. “At that time I hardly could climb onto the massage table and was also ready to try uncommon energetic methods,” he remembers. In the course of the treatments, at first with an interval of one to two weeks, later only every four weeks, his state improved noticeably and one year later the fire fighter was completely free of pain. “In November 2005 I could return to my work for which I am very thankful.”
Inge P. had been suffering for a year from pain in sitting and lying, which was according to x-rays diagnosed as heavy hypodermolithiasis as a consequence of a haematoma due to a ski accident a long time ago. Soundwave treatments and orthodox medicinal therapies did not bring about any amelioration. “After four treatments by Mr. Biederstaedt I started to wake up again in the morning without pain for the first time in many months. Also, the following day I was completely without pain – it was a great feeling” Inge P. reports. Two more treatments were sufficient in helping to sit and sleep continuously without problems.
“ Seventeen years ago after the birth of my son I got a lactoprotein allergy.” Thea L. described her sufferings and how she could not eat a variety of foods. The test according to “METh” showed numerous disturbances in the system of meridian energies. “After ten energy massage treatments my allergy largely disappeared and since then I can eat all kinds of milk products again,” she is pleased to say. Two years ago, when nevertheless frequent itching of the ears and the skin under the armpits occurred, she visited Karl-Heinz Biederstaedt again. By means of his specific skin test he could verify a certain tooth as source of interference. In fact, the tooth had to be extracted by the dentist and short time later the itching and allergy had disappeared completely.
“ You do not have to believe in it, it helps – and in fact permanently. Why it helps, remains admittedly secretive to me because the clinical proved damages of the spinal discs cannot just disappear,” Dieter L. reports. He continues: ”After several slipped discs, each two to three times a year, partly with paralysis of the left leg and after many injections against the worst pain, then massages, electro therapy, cures, back exercises and gymnastics, I came to Karl-Heinz Biederstaedt.” In the course of regular treatments, at first every second week and later monthly, the times free from pain became longer. After one year of the new therapy Dieter L. is pleased: ”Nowadays I seldom have problems and these are no longer as painful as before. I do not need painkillers any more.”

Connective Tissue as an Indicator

The foundation of such therapy success is the specific type of testing, namely the connective tissue test. The therapist presses the skin together between thumb and fingers to form a wrinkle. When the tested “planet”, and with it its meridian respectively its functional area of organ are in balance, then a little wrinkle can be lifted without effort. On the other hand, if “the planet” is blocked, then the skin “resists” with firm tension against the pressing together.
Biederstaedt explains that the connective tissue is perfectly suitable for such tests, since its basic tension can not be influenced by will. “At the same time, our skin, our tissue is the largest organ,” the therapist emphasises. “It is the central place of regulation of the body, from the water and food household to the direction of lymph, nerves and energy-meridians. If the life processes of the skin begin to flow, the whole organism comes into balance again.” Therefore, testing of the unconscious tension of the skin reveals information on all central functions of the body.
In any kind of health problem – no matter if it is backache, insomnia or emotional problems – the therapist will at first determine with the help of the “wrinkle-tests”, which “planet-energy” and acupuncture-meridians are related to the particular suffering and therefore have to be harmonised – like for instance the meridian pair lungs-large intestine. Thereafter, in the same manner, the energy essence from metals, jewels or plants that lead to the correct energy balance are tested. And, quite systematically, the most effective point on the particular meridian to be treated is determined and the essence is applied there.
If the skin remains loose and relaxed during the wrinkle-test after this initial phase of treatment, then the organ is ready for a further treatment according to “METh”: a special massage of the connective tissue especially in the skin region that resonates with the determined organ region (the so-called “Head’s zones”). Such skin areas are located particularly on the back and relate to an organ or body part – similarly as known in ear acupuncture and reflexology. “Earlier when I gave a massage without these energetic corrections I had to work against the disharmonious state of tension in the skin– this reduced the success considerably and the patient felt only a little better after treatment,” Biederstaedt admits today.
In addition, it is possible that one side of the body needs to be activated by massage, and the other relaxed. All this is considered and ascertained in every treatment. “There is a big difference in the success of the treatment depending on the usage of a stimulating or a calming massage oil, if the massage is started at the neck or buttocks; if a healing-essence has been chosen globally or is individually suitable. Each person reacts in a different way and by testing we can find the appropriate way to healing,” Biederstaedt emphasises and continues “Just as the right massage oil and the planet essence can be determined by testing, scars and tooth sources can be detected as well, and dietary supplements and vitamin pills can be tested to find out if they have an energetically positive or incompatible effect.”
The meridian-organ relations are also connected to certain typical emotions – surprisingly to those attributed to deities in the past. “Thus patients tell us, that for instance after a treatment they could release their long lasting anger and fears,” reports Biederstaedt. On this note “METh” can also collaterally be applied for reinvigoration of mental balance, and for self-development, the therapist states and he sums up: ”It is time that we make peace with our body and learn to respect and use the marvellous intelligence dwelling in the body for therapy as well.”

Correlation between Planetary- and Meridian-System
Correlation between Planetary- and Meridian-System
The Spleen-Pancreas meridian is divided in its planetary respect, and forms together with the Stomach meridian and the Governing and Conception Vessel two pairs of yin and yang.

Further information on the Meridian-Energy-Therapy: www.haus-biederstaedt.de

Arndt, Ulrich: Schätze der Alchemie: Edelstein-Essenzen, and Schätze der Alchemie: Metall-Essenzen. Both: Freiburg/Germany: Hans-Nietsch-Verlag
Testreports of Paracelsus essences:: www.life-testinstitut.de und www.edelstein-essenzen.de

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